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Võhandu marathon.

Wide international popularity has won the annual Estonian Võhandu marathon.

The participants of this marathon has also participated with the company A.K.V.A. produced kayaking.In 2012 Võhandu marathon boat group K-2 M, the absolute best time showed the Lithuanian team with SIA A.K.V.A. manufactured K-2 Cobrata.At present for Võhandu marathon are made K-1 and K-2. Boats are made by individual order. That means that company A.K.V.A takes into account :
– sportisman weight,
– figure (length),
– the legs length,
– the athlete may choose to bench surface profile according to their physical characteristics,
– the size of the luggage compartment,
– boat hull weight,
– wheel model
– The steering system
– boat decorative coloring.
– kayak decks assembly.

Further added pictures first K-2 Cobrata, 2012 Võhandu marathon winners of the race, then K-1 different models and performers.


Kayak Cobra

One of the most popular touring or fitness boats of all time in Europe.  The boat is very stable, with good maneuverability, good speed characteristics, suitable for both beginners and people with rowing experience. Due to its great stability, the boat is popular for long distances, marathons. The photos shows a transparent carbona boat and white color boat

Boat length – 5,2 m, width – 0,52 cm, weight (glas) – 14 kg, weight (kev/carb) – 12 kg

For marathon needs, we can make boats with a weight of 8-9 kg

and Forelle

The boat is equipped with a sports kayak steering mechanism and a rudder. The kayak can also be equipped with a lifting rudder. The boat is equipped with a hermetically sealed luggage compartment.

Thanks to the elegant waterline shape of the boat, it is very fast, with perfect maneuverability, stable, steady course.

Kayak Forelle has participated in various marathons in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Germany.

Boat length – 5,2 m, width – 0,46 cm, weight 12 – 13 kg


Forelle is faster than Cobra, but you must have good kayaking expierence

Kayak COBRA K-1
Kayak COBRA K-1
Cobrata K-2_2 bbc beltes
Cobrata K-2_2 bbc beltes
Cobrata K-2_1 BBC beltes
Cobrata K-2_1 BBC beltes

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